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Shetland Sheep
History & Articles

History of Shetland Sheep
by Theresa Gygi

The history of Shetland sheep includes their country of origin, the Shetland Isles, and various other countries in which the breed has been established. These are the ones relevant to the FFSSA – Shetland, Britain, and...

The Polled Gene In North America
by Juliann Bude, Little Country Acres, Wilmington, IL

The gene that causes polling in Shetland sheep had been present in North America as long as North American has had Shetland Sheep. This gene traveled into Canada via the Dailley importation, more than...

Shetland Color Genetics
by Theresa Gygi

This document is a very brief overview of the patterns and colors expressed which involve Shetland fleece. Each pattern and color can easily warrant...

Shetland Fleece Clinic
by Rich Johnson, Whispering Pines Shetlands

As we all know, Shetlands come equipped with many fleece types, so don’t take this to be the definitive guide on the breed, but I will attempt to contrast the different types and, at the same time, illustrate some reasons...

The Rise in Shetland Fleece Explained
by Jenny Holden-Wilde

When the sheep goes through a period of hardship in the winter they get a natural "break" in the fleece which is when they are less able to put resources into fibre growth and it results in a section where the fibre...

1998 Catalog of Imported UK Shetland Semen
by Elite Genetics

Elite Genetics has been issued an USDA/APHIS import permit for 3,000 straws of sheep semen from the United Kingdom. This lists contains rams already imported...

The Everest Sweater
by Jim Chastain, Whistlestop Farm, Hillsboro, Oregon

On May 29, 1953, Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay reached the summit of Mount Everest. In doing so, they became the first humans to set foot on the highest point on earth. Well, sure, everybody knows that. But do you know what they were wearing...

1790-91 Report to Sir John Sinclair
by Andrew Kerr (footnotes by the FFSSA)

This paper contains a variety of inquisitions, which prove that the writer has been
at very great pains to acquire proper information on this important subject. For them the paper
itself must be consulted. The following seem to be the most important facts concerning the Shetland sheep...

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