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Micron Testing

How to Obtain Samples & Prepare Samples for Testing

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  1. Find the last rib as shown by the white square in the above photo.

  2. Cut a 2” square using scissors, blade shears, or electric clippers. Clip as close to the skin as possible. A minimum of 2” growth is needed as well. Do not disturb the locks.

  3. Place fleece sample in a plastic Ziploc bag with the sheep’s name, date of birth, and date sample taken on a card in the bag or written on the bag.

  4. Send sample to a wool testing facility with the appropriate funds and your information.

Taking a Sample:

Wool Testing Facilities

Texas A&M Agrilife Research
The Bill Sims Wool & Mohair Research Laboratory

Attn: Faron Pfeiffer

7887 U.S. Highway 87 N.
San Angelo, TX 76901-9714

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