FFSSA Sheep Registration Step by Step Instructions



Step 1) Join FFSSA as a Senior, Junior, or Associate (with registry privileges) member. If you are a full Senior or Junior member you have already had your sheep micron tested and only need to determine which sheep on your OFDA 2000 Report to register and sometimes submit the NASSA registration certificate. Details of how you can become a Senior or Junior member are here.


Step 2) Is only for Associate member’s with registry privileges that HAVE NOT micron tested their sheep yet. Take a mid-side sample as outlined here and send in for testing.


Step 3) Now you have the OFDA 2000 Report from testing. Write the sheep name on this report for each

sheep you want to register and submit the report.

Step 4) Scan the front and back side of each sheep’s NASSA registration certificate.

The back side of the registration certificate MUST include the name of the sheep.

(NASSA certificate is not required if both parents are FFSSA registered.)


Step 5) Fill out a Fleece Performance Approval Form.

Step 6) Scan & Send documents to the FFSSA/GLM Registry via email at: FFSSA@glmregistry.com. If sending documents by US Mail (aka snail mail) send copies to:


FFSSA/GLM Registry

19508 Tiller Trail Hwy

Days Creek, OR  97429 

Phone: 541-825-8580


Each sheep’s fleece will be graded by the Membership Chair.


For each sheep submitted for registration you will need:


  • Front and back side of NASSA registration certificate (include sheep name on back side) 

  • Copy of the OFDA 2000 Report including sheep names

  • FFSSA Fleece Performance Approval Form (multiple sheep can be listed on this form) 


Step 7) Send your check with the appropriate fees to FFSSA/GLM Registry,

19508 Tiller Trail Hwy, Days Creek, OR  97429. 

Or use the PayPal buttons at www.finefleeceshetlandsheep.org.


Sheep out of two FFSSA registered parents do not need to have a copy of NASSA papers,

but must have a Fleece Performance Approval Form. Lambs from 2 FFSSA parents

maintain provisional status until they reach 22 months of age and can be micron tested

and pass approval on their own merit.

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