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GT Boise Brule, Musket Yearling Ram for Sale

Would be great for improving fleece uniformity and fineness, genetic diversity, or conformation in your flock. One horn is close but clears and is starting to curl outward-could be bred this fall but possibly not beyond that unless horn is trimmed. Diverse genetics--goes back to Witts End Black Tweed AI ram line in the British Isles. Solid body structure and very fine fleece on this boy. His fleece tested Premium Grade 1 in March, 2023. It is very fine with very fine, uniform crimp like his dam Patecone. $250.00

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GT Hoisin Ram for Sale

GT Hoisin (GT Gamgee x OK Acres Balsam), 3 years old, richly colored horned moorit ram, carries color intensity and white spotting genes, has sired many high quality lambs, including the First Place Ram Lamb/2022 MASS Reserve Champion Ram. Gentle disposition with people and has been shown. FFSSA Grade at age 3 (current 2023 test) is PG2. Email for price, terms and wool stats. We could potentially deliver him at 2023 Mid America Shetland Show (MASS) in September, 2023. Note: Hoisin’s round style horns (instead of D horns) are not common in US and but round horns (cross section) are favored over “D” horns by Scottish and British Judges “across the pond”. Andrew Bain, a Scottish Judge for the Shetland Sheep Society, looked at Hoisin while he was visiting US in August, 2022 and prounced him a high quality Shetland ram. He also passed inspection by a Shetland Sheep Society Inspector at customary age of inspection, 17-18 months.

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