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2023 Mid-American Shetland Sheep Show

2023 Mid-American Shetland Sheep Show

   We were very pleased to welcome Julia and Barry Watson over to the States for the annual MASS show in Jefferson, WI this September! A few words from the Watson’s (no relation to Sue watson who came over last year to judge!) below:

"Barry & Julia live on the West Cumbrian coast where we farm sheep on about 90 acres of mixed ground. For over 30 years we have had Shetland sheep, to start with we used to cross them with the Border Leicester and sell the lambs as stores. Today there are 120 breeding ewes, 40 gimmer lambs and far too many rams. Because we still run a large commercial flock, all colours have been kept, white/black/moorit/grey/grey katmoget/fawn/musket/spotties, though in the years since we began showing we now mostly breed colour to colour.

In 2004, we joined the Shetland Sheep Society and formed the Muncaster Shetlands, a year or so later, we started to show our home-grown stock and whilst we did well in AOB classes, it took a little longer to have the same success with SSS judges, but we persisted. We talked to other members who exhibited and sourced better-quality sheep by buying directly from the breeders & it wasn’t too long before we started winning. In the years that have followed, the Muncaster Shetlands have been forward for over 40 championships and hardly ever the same sheep, which means we have a high percentage of prize winners within the flock. Our best year was 2018 when we attended 8 shows, winning 4 championships, 3 reserve championships, a wool on the hoof championship, best lamb, best black and reserve fleece champion at the SSS national. Highlight of 2018, being judged by Addie Doull, renowned breeder from Shetland at the GYS, where he gave our shearling Female champion & reserve breed champion plus being placed 1st & 2nd in the group class with our white Shetlands."

2023 Show Sponsors

Amy & Jason Rappuhn
Linden Lane Farm

Clare Aliberti
Lantern Hill Acres Farm

Cyndee Wolfe
Lancien Farm

Donna Spencer-Riehle
Lilac Hill

Garrett Ramsay & Aaron Gray
Ramsay Farms

Hanna & Chad Doolen
Copper Tree Farm

Jacqueline Schmeltz
Friendly Fibers Farm

Kate Cox
Inse Acres

Kelly & Mike Bartels
OK Acres Shetlands

Lori Scharlau
Allen Creek Farm

Mia Spaid
Second Eden Farm

Paula Hoover
Aamilet Family Farm

Rachel Harding
Fleece & Fiber Farm, LLC

Sandra Walter
Rooster Ridge Ranch

Savanna Scharlau

Scott & Lynda Davies
Foggy Hollow Ranch

Terry & Russ Dukerschein
Glen Tamarack Farm

Michelle McMillen
Boulderneigh Shetland Sheep

2023 Mid-American Shetland Sheep Show Results

A special thank you goes out to our Sheep Show Judge, Barry Watson.

Senior Ram

1st Mike & Kelly Bartels - OK Acres Caden

2nd Mia Spaid - LH Lucian

3rd Garrett Ramsay - WhitePine Jubba

4th Donna Spencer-Riehle - WhitePine Monty

5th Chris & Rachel Harding - KSpirit Farm Ranger

Yearling Ram

1st Joanne Andrew - KM Meadows Duncan

2nd Lorrie Yount - Full Moon M.A.C.

3rd Danny Hansen - Linden Lane Stout

4th Chris & Rachel Harding - Scotch Croft Buchanan

5th Dillon Yount - Lil' Hoppers Heath


Ram Lamb

1st Amy Rappuhn - Linden Lane Wallace

2nd Sarah Otto - Blackberry Blossom Louie

3rd Garrett Ramsay - WhitePine Levisham

4th Mike & Kelly Bartels - OK Acres Ronan

5th Sherry Ecker - Ramble N Midas

Pair of Ram Lambs

1st Sherry Ecker

2nd Joanne Andrew

3rd Mia Spaid

4th Elizabeth Mains


Champion Ram

Mike & Kelly Bartels - OK Acres Caden

Reserve Champion Ram 

Amy Rappuhn - Linden Lane Wallace

Senior Ewe

1st Sarah Otto - Blackberry Blossom Viola

2nd Mike & Kelly Bartels - OK Acres Derby

3rd Garrett Ramsay - WhitePine Xanda

4th Sarah Otto - Glen Tamarack Sandpiper

5th Chris & Rachel Harding - Innisfree Allison

Yearling Ewe 

1st Garrett Ramsay - WhitePine Sirene

2nd Mike & Kelly Bartels - OK Acres Sasha D.

3rd Donna Spencer-Riehle - LH Linaria

4th Mike & Kelly Bartels - OK Acres Meggan

5th Lorrie Yount - Lil' Hoppers Baby Ruth

Best Novice Exhibitor

1st Joanne Andrew

2nd Mia Spaid

3rd Dillon Yount

4th Danny Hansen

5th Jack Andrew

6th Ronnie Andrew

Ewe Lamb

1st Ashley Wyss - Allen Creek Bonnie

2nd Sarah Otto - Blackberry Blossom Farm Greta

3rd Mike & Kelly Bartels - OK Acres Dutton

4th Chris & Rachel Harding - Scotch Croft Bea

5th Amy Rappuhn - Linden Lane Emmerson

Pair of Ewe Lambs

1st Lorrie Yount

2nd Sarah Otto

3rd Chris & Rachel Harding

Dam & Daughter   

1st Zachary Wyss

Champion Ewe

Garrett Ramsay - WhitePine Sirene

Reserve Champion Ewe

Ashley Wyss - Allen Creek Bonnie

Andrew & Ellen Bain Award: Best Small Flock

1st Garrett Ramsay

2nd Mia Spaid

3rd Sarah Otto

4th Chris & Rachel Harding

Best Fleece on Hoof

1st Amy Rappuhn - Linden Lane Wallace

2nd Danny Hansen - Korsvejgaard Sparrow

3rd Garrett Ramsay - WhitePine Pensikg

4th Mike & Kelly Bartels - OK Acres Caden

5th Mia Spaid - Starspun Jecrean

Sue Russo Award: Best Colored, Spotted or Modified

1st Lorrie Yount - Lil' Hoppers Baby Ruth

2nd Sarah Otto - Blackberry Blossom Farm C

3rd Amy Rappuhn - Linden Lane Emerson

4th Chris & Rachel Harding - Scotch Croft Macallan

5th Dillon Yount - Lil' Hoppers Heath


Supreme Champion

Garrett Ramsay & Aaron Gray (Ramsay Farms) - WhitePine Sirene

Reserve Supreme Champion

Mike & Kelly Bartels (OK Acres Shetlands) - OK Acres Caden

2023 Mid-American Shetland Sheep Fleece Show Results

A special thank you goes out to our Fleece Show Judge, Julia Watson.


1st Kelly Bartels

2nd Kelly Bartels

3rd Sherry Ecker

4th Greg Padget

5th Terry Yapp


1st Mia Spaid


1st Kelly Bartels

2nd Sherry Ecker

3rd Kelly Bartels

4th Sherry Ecker

5th Terry Yapp


1st Kelly Bartels

2nd Kelly Bartels

3rd Greg Padget

4th Rachel Harding

5th Rachel Harding

Any Other Color             

1st Rose Stoebner

2nd Donna Spencer-Riehle

3rd Rachel Harding


1st Rose Stoebner

2nd Kelly Bartels

3rd Kelly Bartels

4th Mia Spaid

5th Kelly Bartels

Grand Champion

Rose Stoebner (Ch. Fleece, Ch. Rooed Fleece and the Lori Sharlau Wool Award)

Reserve Champion

Kelly Bartels

Judges Choice

Rose Stoebner

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