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We are pleased to announce our first FFSSA sponsored event taking place in Estes Park, Colorado!!!

Judge: Long time Shetland breeder, Jim Chastain

Where: Estes Park Wool Market

When: June 11th Shetland Fleece Show (morning), Shetland Sheep Show (afternoon)

Time: TBA soon

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You can also visit the Estes Park Wool Market website

New FFSSA Registry!

The Fine Fleece Shetland Sheep Association is pleased to announce the addition of a Registry to our endeavors to allow FFSSA Shetland breeders the chance to register their eligible sheep.  The FFSSA Registry is based on the sheep’s performance in producing a fine fleece, according to the parameters as set by the FFSSA Fleece Grading Chart.  This ensures the fleece, as well as the structure, on the registered sheep meets the 1927 Shetland breed standard as clarified by Appendix A.  This will allow breeders the opportunity to serve their customers the best quality in Shetland sheep and their wool products. Theresa Gygi, FFSSA President

Shetland Sheep
are a heritage breed dating back a thousand years or more and are related to Soay sheep. They have primitive characteristics such as a naturally short fluke shaped tail, wool that 'roos' or sheds in the springtime, small size, and fine bone. They are famous first and foremost for their fine, soft, naturally colored wool that is very lightweight and warm. This wool was one of the two pillars of the Shetland Island economy for centuries.

Shetlands, the 'kindly' (soft) wooled native breed of sheep, were preserved because the Shetland wool industry was facing extinction with the the infiltration of coarse long wooled big sheep on the island. Steps were taken, such as the creation of the 1927 breed standard and paid ram incentives, to ensure the existence of this rare native breed and the continued existence of the woolen industry that employed so many of the women of Shetland.

Garments made from breed standard 'kindly' Shetland wool can be next-to-the-skin soft scarves to warm, soft outerwear sweaters. It is a fine wool with crimp (called 'wave' by the writers of the standard) and is normally used for knitted garments with good memory such as stockings/socks, hats, gloves, mittens, scarves, shawls, under clothing, and the famous Shetland sweaters. It is a 'longish' wool, around 3-6", depending on crimp. It is sometimes good for felting and some fleeces are very silky. As it is a heritage breed, there is quite a bit of diverseness found within the breed, especially in the colors and patterns that run the gamut of browns, blacks, greys, and white as well as spots and patterns. All in all, it is one of the premier handspinning fleeces to be found.

The History of Shetland Sheep

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New FFSSA Performance Registry!

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