Fine Fleece Shetland Sheep Association, Inc. Performance Registry


FFSSA Registration Checklist


For initial FFSSA registration for sheep 22 mos. or older that meet the 1927 Standard as clarified by Appendix A and meet FFSSA fleece grading criteria.


  • Scan or copy front and back of current registration papers (back must include sheep name)

       - Per FFSSA registry rules, SSS and NASSA registration papers are acceptable


  • Write names of sheep on OFDA 2000 Report and scan or copy this report 


  • Fill out Fleece Performance Approval Form (The Membership chair will approve and grade each fleece)

  • E-mail scanned copies of the registration papers, OFDA 2000 Report and Fleece Performance Approval Form



  • Mail via USPS copies of the registration papers, histograms and Fleece Performance Approval Form to: 

FFSSA/GLM Registry 

Address: 19508 Tiller Trail Hwy

Days Creek, OR 97429 


Phone: 541-825-8580

***Fees are submitted via PayPal or directly to the FFSSA/GLM Registry via check, please make sure you include the member's name and phone number on all checks so the registry can match the payment with the registration paperwork or can call with you with questions regarding payments.


To register lambs from FFSSA approved parents, fill out the Fleece Performance Approval Form and submit to the FFSSA/GLM Registry for Provisional status




Use the FFSSA Sheep Transfer Form to transfer FFSSA approved rams or ewes.




Use the FFSSA Ram/Ewe Lease Form when leasing FFSSA approved rams or ewes


Checks for fees are sent to:


FFSSA/GLM Registry           

19508 Tiller Trail Hwy             

Days Creek, OR 97429





Use the PayPal button on the FFSSA Performance Registry Payments page.


Please note: For initial (Provisional) registration of lambs that are younger than 22 months old, both parents must already be FFSSA registered. You may then submit a FFSSA Registration Form to the Membership Chair along with the micron test results and the appropriate fees to FFSSA Registry via the above mentioned methods at age 22 months or older to upgrade to Approved status.