Estes Park, Colorado Show

Estes Park Wool Market




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Thanks to the many people who made our first FFSSA sponsored show a success. Especially the show chairpersons: Kelly Bartels, Garrett Ramsay and Debbie Powers, the show wouldn't have been possible without a collective effort. Thank you to the exhibitors and all the folks at Estes Park Wool Market for their kindness and cooperation during our show this year. A show is never about one person contributing and we are grateful to everyone for helping make this show a success. A special thank you goes out to our Judge, Jim Chastain, for his knowledge, helpful guidance, and generosity.

Estes Park Colorado FFSSA Sheep and Fleece Show

2016 Results

EffEntry Form                     

Sheep Show

Youth Showmanship                     

1st Sara Schwartz-Glen Tamarack Venus

2nd Mandy Younger-Finch Hill You Rock My World

3rd Billy Schwartz-Glen Tamarack Garnet

Adult Ram                                                                        

1st Mike/Kelly Bartels-OK Acres Danby

2nd Debbie Powers-Shet-Tu Balsam

3rd Debbie Powers-Shet-Tu Palmer

Ram Lamb                                                                           

1st Debbie Powers-Shet-Tu Peanut Butter

2nd Mandy Younger-Finch Hill Odyssy

3rd Debbie Powers-Shet-Tu Samoa

Champion Ram

Debbie Powers-Shet-Tu Peanut Butter

Adult Ewe                                                                         

1st Garrett Ramsay-White Pine Orthia

2nd Mike/Kelly Bartels-Sheltering Pines Solara

3rd Mike/Kelly Bartels-OK Acres Sedona


Ewe Lamb

1st Debbie Powers-Shet-Tu Fudge

2nd Debbie Powers-Shet-Tu Chocolate Chip

3rd Mandy Younger-Finch Hill You Rock My World

Champion Ewe

Garrett Ramsay-White Pine Orthia

Best Small Flock

1st Debbie Powers

2nd Mike/Kelly Bartels


Best Fleece on Hoof

1st Mike/Kelly Bartels-SP Solara

2nd Garrett Ramsay-White Pine Orthia

3rd Debbie Powers-Shet-Tu Peanut Butter


EffEntry Form                       Grand Champion/Best of Show

Garrett Ramsay-White Pine Orthia

Fleece Show

Best Rooed Fleece

1st Debbie Powers

2nd Mike/Kelly Bartels

3rd Mike/Kelly Bartels


Adult Fleece-All Ages

1st Debbie Powers

2nd Kelly Bartels

3rd Russ/Terry Dukerschein

EffEntry Form                       


Adult Fleece Colored

1st Debbie Powers

2nd Debbie Powers

3rd Jared/Beka Lloyd

Lamb Fleece Colored

1st Debbie Powers

2nd Russ/Terry Dukerschein

3rd Russ/Terry Dukerschein

Champion Fleece

Debbie Powers (white)