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Scott Bailey
Pike Hill Farm

FFSSA Flock # 050

Plymouth, NH  03264

Fine spinning fleeces, mill spun yarn, and breeding stock. Specializing in natural colors.

Kelly K. Bartels
OK Acres Shetlands

FFSSA Flock #003
NASSA Flock #1774 VFSCP #WI3564
SSS Flock #3136
Monroe, WI  53566

Specializing in polled and spotted & patterned fine fleece Shetland sheep. Our fleece is micron tested annually, and only the best fleeces are processed and offered for sale in roving and yarn. 100% Shetland sheep fiber, coated fleeces for the discriminating spinner or fiber artist. Award winning, quality breeding stock that has been judged and inspected by several SSS judges from the the UK. We breed for well conformed animals, treat them with kindness and limit our chemical inputs as much as possible. References available from past customers upon request. Call for availability of sheep and wool products or to be put on the waiting list. We also offer yarn, roving and raw fleeces in grades Premium Grade 1, Grade 1, Premium Grade 2, Grade 2 and Grade 3 in various colors.

Hanna Bates

Copper Tree Farm

FFSSA Flock #090 

NASSA Flock #2711  

Grassy, MO 63751 



Copper Tree Farm specializes in fine Shetland fiber with excellent memory and next-to-skin softness. Our flock genetics focus on horns on both rams and ewes, balanced conformation, ease of lambing, strong mothering and parasite resistance. Annual micron results are available on all our sheep. Occasional breeding stock and fiber pets available along with raw and processed fleeces and grass-fed lamb.

Sharrie Brockhaus

Prairie Drumlin Shetlands 

FFSSA Flock #020

3521 Prairie Drive

Deerfield, WI 53531



Specializing in polled breeding stock and leaning towards solid colors with a few katmoget, gulmoget, and spots thrown in whenever they happen.  All sheep show the Shetland quality of being easy to work with and having loving dispositions.  Usually have raw fleeces available in the spring and pencil roving in many colors year round with some commercially spun yarn on occasion.

Donna Carlucci

Kindred Spirit Farm

FFSSA Flock # 019 

NASSA Flock #1755

103 Upper Road

Sandwich, NH 03227

603-284-7277, 603-387-1070


Our focus is on fine fleeced, horned Shetland breeding stock. We offer coated raw fleeces, yarn and roving on occasion, and fiber pets

Scott and Lynda Davies
Foggy Hollow Ranch

FFSSA Flock #022
NASSA Flock #2071

SSS Flock #3622

East Bernard, TX 77435


Polled, fine fleeced Shetland Sheep breeding stock, fiber pets, fleeces, roving and yarn.

Jeanne (Terry) and Russell Dukerschein Glen Tamarack Farm

FFSSA Flock #013

NASSA Flock # 1724

N6248 Deertail Trail

Glen Flora, WI 54526

715-322-4011, 715-609-9317, 608-979-8827

Our flock includes a variety of colors: white, moorit, and black as well as several modified colors. Patterns we have are Ag gray, Ag musket, white ilget, both gray and fawn katmoget, gulmoget, and white spotting. We sell breeding stock, fiber pets and grass-finished lamb, washable pelts, raw fleeces for felting and spinning, rovings, pencil rovings, and millspun and handspun yarns.

Sherry Ecker

Ramble N Shetlands 

FFSSA Flock #021

Metamora, WI

Focus on a wide range of fine fleeced colors and patterns. Selling ewe lambs for Breeding stock, and  a few ram lambs for breeding. Award winning fleeces , all coated for excellent spinning quality

Linnzi Furman

Old Home Crawford Farm, LLC

FFSSA Flock #107 

242 Granby Road

Guildhall, VT 05905 



Shetland Sheep

Tom and Jodi Grever

Sheepless Nights 

FFSSA Flock #055, NASSA Flock #2592 

5295 SE Hwy 36

Cameron, MO 64429



Breeding stock, lambs, raw fleece.

Jeff and Theresa Gygi

Under The Son Farm

FFSSA Flock #001, NASSA Flock #1044

SSS Flock #3138, VFSCP# IN76

Greencastle, Indiana 46135



Award winning breeding stock (horned and sometimes polled rams), raw wool, roving, combed top, millspun and handspun natural colored Fine Fleece Shetland yarns in lace to worsted weight, quilt batts, handmade felt, hand knitted finished goods, Shetland cross lambs for market lambs, commercial ewes and fiber pets.

Rich and Jennifer Johnson

Whispering Pines Farm

FFSSA Flock #005

Middleport, NY 14105



Specializing in crimpy and fine fleeced polled Shetlands. Nice selection of breeding stock, raw fleeces, roving, yarn, and knit items.


Ravelry:  Jen6265Instagram:  jenjohnson8429

Facebook:  softshetlandwool - Twitter:  jen6265 - Pinterest:  jen6265

Lorrie Killion 

Little Miss Hopper 

FFSSA Flock #061 

NASSA Flock #

Marble Hill, MO 63764



Shetland Sheep

Michelle McMillen

Boulderneigh Shetland Sheep

FFSSA Flock #006

NASSA Flock #1480, VSFCP #OR135

Amity, OR 97101



Offering coated fleeces, breeding stock (polled genetics) and fiber pets; roving available on occasion.

Lynn and Jim Michael

Rare Find Farm

FFSSA Flock #012

4208 New Hill- Holleman Rd

New Hill, NC 27562

919-387-3890, 919-747-1994 (cell)


All colors and patterns - handspun yarn, braided rugs, fleeces, roving, breeding stock and commercial spun yarn white and natural colored lace weight through bulky weight.

Otto Family

Blackberry Blossom Farm

FFSSA Flock #124

Harmony, MN


Etsy store: farmtoyarncharm 

Facebook: Blackberry Blossom Farm 


Here at Blackberry Blossom Farm, we breed dual registered Shetland sheep, focusing on show worthy, correct conformation, luxury, super soft fleeces and winning bloodlines. Home of UTS Mancera, a reserve champion ram with grand champion fleece.  Our luxury fleece is available on our Etsy shop: farmtoyarncharm and our instagram is blackberry_blossom_farm. We will have lambs available in the spring out of high quality ewes and rams- if interested, please contact us to inquire about our waiting list! 

Garrett Ramsay & Aaron Gray

FFSSA flock # 004

NASSA flock # 1613, SSS flock # 3079

Winslow, IL 61089      218-371-6106

Registered Fine Fleeced Shetland Sheep

SSS Flock Inspected/approved

FFSSA flock approved


WhitePine Shetland Sheep (a part of Ramsay Farms) specializes in horned ram genetics in white, katmoget, light badgerface and Ag. Other colors/patterns, polled rams, horned ewes occasionally. Award winning stock and fleeces with annual whole flock micron tests. We sell breeding stock, commercial ewes, fiber pets, coated raw fleeces, quilt batts, roving, combed top, millspun yarns in worsted, sport, fine and lace weight. Grass fed lamb sometimes available. We typically sell out of breeding stock each year so please contact us early in the year!

Jerri Ramsey

Merry-Go-Round Farm 

FFSSA flock # 064

NASSA flock # 2565 

Berea, KY 40403 


Shetland Sheep

Tammy Richards

Legacy Farm

FFSSA flock # 091

14415 Osborne Ave. NE

Alliance, OH 44601



Whites, spotted, katmogets, gulmogets, muskets, moorits, top and roving, handspun, dyed top roving, knitting and crocheted items.

Jim and Lori Scharlau

Allen Creek Shetlands

FFSSA flock # 073

N 7349 Allen Creek

Black River Falls, WI 54615

715-299-5057, 715-284-5057


Breeding horned and some polled rams. We offer breeding stock, raw covered fleeces, roving, millspun, and handspun yarn. Grass fed lambs available by order.

Ronnie Swenson & Charles Maki


FFSSA Flock # 120 

NASSA Flock #2833

Asheville, NC 28806

828-505-2061, 828-424-6530


Shetland Sheep

Cynthia M. Wolfe

Lancien Farm

FFSSA Flock #008

10211 Watkins Rd.

Marysville, OH 43040



Specializing in miogets, emskets, shaelas, and fawns. Offer breeding stock, fiber wethers, pasture pets, roving, and raw fleeces.

Jon and Terry Yapp

Windy Maple Shetlands

FFSSA Flock #082

NASSA Flock #2557 

10947 S. County Road T

Brodhead, WI 53520 



Shetland Sheep in a variety of colors - black, white, moorit, with different markings - grey katmoget, fawn katmoget, sokket, just to name a few.

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