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Kelly K. Bartels
OK Acres Shetlands
FFSSA Flock #003
NASSA Flock #1774 VFSCP #WI3564
SSS Flock #
Monroe, WI  53566

Specializing in polled and spotted fine fleece Shetland sheep.  Roving, raw fleece, pelts available.  Some yarn, contact for availability

Thor's midside fleece

Sharrie Brockhaus
FFSSA Flock #018

Garry & Beth Caddell
Shepherd's Haven
FFSSA Flock #015
NASSA Flock #1531
203 S 800W
Lyons, IN 47443

Donna Carlucci
Kindred Spirit
FFSSA Flock # 019
NASSA Flock #1755
103 Upper Road
Sandwich, NH 03227

Breeding stock, raw wool, roving, yarn available on occasion, and fiber pets  
Lynda Davies
FFSSA Flock # 017
Jeanne (Terry) & Russell Dukerschein
Glen Tamarack Farm

FFSSA Flock #013
NASSA Flock # 1724
N6248 Deertail Trail
Glen Flora, WI 54526
We specialize in horned breeding stock and spots, modified colors, but also have katmoget, and Ag patterns potentially available.  We sell breeding stock, fiber pets and grass-finished lamb, washable pelts, raw fleeces for felting and spinning, rovings, pencil rovings, and millspun and handspun yarns. Pluto
Sharrie Ecker
FFSSA Flock #20
Gossett, Tom & Kathleen
FFSSA Flock #016
Jeff &Theresa Gygi
Under The Son Farm
FFSSA Flock #001
NASSA Flock #1044
SSS Flock #3138
Greencastle, Indiana

Horned and sometimes polled breeding stock, raw wool, roving, combed top, millspun and handspun yarn, quilt batts, handmade felt, handknitted finished goods, BFL/Shetland mules, grass-fed lamb

UTS Coburg
Rich & Jennifer Johnson
Whispering Pines Farm
FFSSA Flock #005
Middleport, NY 14105
Specializing in crimpy and fine fleeced polled Shetlands. Nice selection of breeding stock, raw fleeces, roving, yarn, and knit items. Whispering Pines Farm

Davis Lewis
FFSSA Flock #010
6688 Middlebranch Road NE
Canton, Ohio
330 499-1245

Spinner and weaver loving fine fleece.  Breeding polled and horned rams.  Raw fleece, roving, hand spun yarn, garments and breeding stock available occasionally.  Very interested in concentrating UK genetics. 

Dave Lewis
Mary Limpus    
Brad & Laurie McDowell
FFSSA Flock # 021
Michelle McMillen
Boulderneigh Shetland Sheep
FFSSA Flock #006
NASSA Flock #1480, VSFCP #OR135
Amity, OR

Offering coated fleeces, breeding stock (polled genetics) and fiber pets; roving available on occasion.

Lynn and Jim Michael
Rare Find Farm

FFSSA Flock #012
4208 New Hill- Holleman Rd, New Hill, NC
919-387-3890, 919 363 3891 evening

All colors and patterns - handspun yarn, braided rugs, fleeces, roving, breeding stock and commerical spun yarn white and natural colored lace weight through bulky weight
Kim Nikolai
Kimberwood Shetlands
FFSSA flock #002
NASSA flock #919
Prior Lake, MN
Specializing in fine fleeced polled breeding stock, hand spun yarn, roving.  

Debbie Powers
Shet-Tu Sheep Farm
FFSSA Flock #009
NASSA Flock #1479
4608 County Rd 36
Platteville, CO 80651
D:303-654-1576 E: 970-535-4357

Breeding stock, lambs, raw fleece  

Garrett Ramsay
FFSSA flock # 004
NASSA flock # 1613
SSS flock # 3079
Dubuque, IA  52001
Registered Fine Fleeced Shetland Sheep
OPP, Johne's, CL, BTV flock negative since 2006

breeding stock, raw wool, yarn, roving, quilt batts, shetland mules,grass fed lamb
Barbara A. Reiter
Ewe's Have It
FFSSA Flock #011
NASSA Flock 2209
P.O. Box 89
Gulliver, MI 49840
Breeding focus on fine fleece and polled lines.  
Erica Q Solis/Joel Helge
Emancipation Acres

FFSSA Flock #014
Stoughton, WI
Grass Fed lamb, yarn, roving, pelts, raw fleece, pets, breeding stock  

Cyndee Wolfe
FFSSA Flock #008

Associate Members

David & Lynn Anne Banks USA
Juliann Budde USA
Cynthia Cailaigh USA
Philip Cowen UK
Carol Eugester USA
Mary Gibbings UK
Debra Green USA
Julie Guilette USA
Alan Hill UK
Paula Kasuboski USA
Mary Limpus USA
Tami Mulder USA
Cassie Olson USA
Kate Sharp UK
Tara Smith USA
Bill Stearman Canada
Kate Stone USA
Maurice and Gillian Wakeling UK
Susan Watson UK
Jenny Holden Wilde UK



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