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The  Fine Fleece Shetland Sheep  Association was formed to preserve, protect, and promote the 1927 Breed Standard Shetland Sheep as clarified by Appendix A in the United States and Canada.  It consists of breeders who are working towards breeding Shetland sheep that maintain the highest quality in fleece type, conformation, and breed characteristics without losing the primitive hardiness and mothering ability the breed is known for.  The FFSSA remains in contact with the original source, the Shetland Flockbook breeders and the Shetland Sheep Society, to ensure that we are maintaining the high standards set forth by those breeders in the Shetland Islands and the United Kingdom.

Fine Fleece Shetland sheep are highly sought after for the ultimate in spinning fine quality garment yarns.   Fine Shetland wool is known for its crimp and elasticity, producing a light, lofty, and warm yarn with good memory.  It is especially suited for lace and fine sweaters, shawls, scarves, and fine socks.  

FFSSA breeders are more than happy to provide fleece, roving, or top samples upon request.  See the breeder’s listing for breeders located in your area. 

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